Wednesday, April 11

WOYWW April 11th

 My desk is actually pretty neat this Wednesday!!! I finished a crazy card-making day yesterday and cleared the HUGE mess away!!! Phew!!! Lots of little scraps in the wastebasket!!! Big scraps get saved!!!! Do you save your scraps?? I can't bear to even throw away a piece of ribbon!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

 Here are my punches! Love 'em!!! See the mint-green one in the bottom left corner of the second basket? That's my fav! It's the second one like it. The first fell to pieces because I used it so much, I think!!!

...and this is eye-candy for all you dog-lovers out there!!! Hehe!!!

Have a wonderful Hump Day, everyone!!


  1. Very Clean! Love it. I do save my scraps but I've been purging they seem a little overwhelming lately.

  2. Should edit my comment to add my name and #
    Marnie #149 sorry....

  3. Lovely work space - thanks for sharing.


  4. i save all my scraps you never know what will be just perfect for a project.

  5. Oh I love my punches too and I have favourties as well.

    Thanks for sharing your space.

    Eliza #80

  6. I save some scraps but throw others, depends how I feel! Take care, it's Sunday, but I'm still working my way through the list! Zo xx 75


Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! Always greatly appreciated and read. Have a happy crafting day!!!

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Ha! April giving birth to Taj!!

Ha! April giving birth to Taj!!
April 15,2017