Friday, March 23

'Twas my B-Day yesterday!!!

And it was a great day!!!
Hubby gave me a beautiful card. He came home after work with a chocolate cake (and he even bought crayon-shaped candles 'cause he KNOWS how much I LOVE crayons! I really do!!!)

Making a wish!

Who needs cake? Just give me ALL the ICING and no one will get harmed!
Those flowers were delish, by the way!!!!hehe!

Then he gave me this beautiful butterfly chain, 'cause he knows how much I love butterflies!!!!

We went to the famous Kozy Korner restaurant here in Fort McMurray. We had Pan Fried Fish and fries. Yum!

And THEN he gave me THIS!!! A birthstone ring! I love it!

After all that excitement, we went to see Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. It was a great show.I laughed so much!!!

Thanks to my hubby for a wonderful birthday and to all my friends on Facebook, thanks for the well-wishes!

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Ha! April giving birth to Taj!!

Ha! April giving birth to Taj!!
April 15,2017