Wednesday, April 18

What's On Your Workdesk Ap 18th

Well,I haven't done a lot of crafting this week so my desk is rather clean, I suppose. See my candy!!! "Good and Plenty" licorice and a chocolate egg. Hubby keeps me supplied with goodies like that!! Oh, and there are mints over on the left!
 Oh my! I opened a new container of coffee yesterday,and couldn't throw away that cover. I've used them before to punch dies and they were neat on cards!!!
 Had to go find my CHRISTMAS folder as I've been making Christmas cards lately too!
 I don't have much fabric but guess where I got these samples!?? From old wallpaper sample books! Those material pieces come in handy at times!!!
 Here are our tickets for TITANIC. Have to scrapbook them ASAP!

Well, that's what's on and around my desk today.


  1. Neat workspace. Good idea to collect the samples. Glad to see you've made a start on Christmas cards - you might like to see my challenge here - thanks for allowing us to have a peep - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  2. So glad you mentioned the fabric samples, I've had some in my card for over a week now and I forgot all about them! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #131

  3. Lovely tidy crafty space, lots of yummy candy too my idea of a haven. Hugs Amanda #146

  4. What a lovely hubby you have. Like the idea with the coffee lid inner. Also great idea to collect the wallpaper samples, might try that. Regards, Anne #30

  5. Looks fab, great idea to re-use things. Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop, I'm still nosing! Zo xx17

  6. Oh Deanne, you put me to shame with the Christmas cards . . .


  7. Great workspace, thanks for sharing

    Lisa #112

  8. Well good for your hubby, anyone that brings me sweeties is welcome in my craft room! Your the second WOYWWer to mention the brilliance of these foil tops for punching, I must learn to save them! Hope you enjoyed Titanic...I still haven't seen it!

  9. Foil is great for embossing isn't it?! Happy Belated WOYWW #45

  10. thanks for sharing
    playing catch up
    happy woyww
    kay #51


Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! Always greatly appreciated and read. Have a happy crafting day!!!

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Ha! April giving birth to Taj!!

Ha! April giving birth to Taj!!
April 15,2017