Wednesday, April 4

What's on MY Workdesk this Wednesday?

Well, here ya go!
 Oh my! I have gotta clear it up!!!

 This is my patterned paper stash!!! YUMMY!!! All organized by company and put in big zippy bags and labeled (they were once upon a time all organized alphabetically)
The second cubby is ALL Basic Grey!!!!!! LOVE!!!!
...and my digis all organized in zippy bags and placed on curtain rings
...and my ribbons all organized by color and placed on skirt pins (they are so handy!!)
...and my Thickers all organized and put in paper covers and put on rings

This is my 8 1/2 X 11 paper

 Don't ya just love these 6x6 books! I DO!!! They are awesome for cardmaking!!!

...and here's Little Miss Lexi Loo!!! Napping with Morse the Horse!

"Yes, I'm taking pictures of YOU!!!"

Thanks for taking a peek!!
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Caz said...

Please feel free to visit my den and organise my disorganised stash!! Fantasic!!
Happy WOYWW!!

Miriam said...

Lovely paper stash. Your dog is gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

such yummy papers, my little dog Buck and your Lexi loo could have been twins!

Queen Lightwell said...

What a cute pup! I took a picture of mine and forgot to post it! Ugh. Of course there are others all over my blog, anyways. :-)
Your craft desk looks very spacious! I would love to have a set-up like that but my room is too narrowly shaped, so I had to get super organized, check it out on my blog...I'm #171 on WOYWW this week.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Aww at your Bichon (am I right, hope so). They have great personalities don't they.

I'm totally bowled over at your paper stash and how its all colour coordinated. Amazing Jo #160

Deanne Clarke-Saunders said...

This setup is actually in my living room, yikes!!! I wish I had a separate room but this is working out just fine.

Deanne Clarke-Saunders said...

Yep, she's part Bichon! She's a Bichon and Poodle mix! A Bichon Poo!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, you clearly have a different idea as to what needs clearing up than I do! As I read on, I can see why you think you need to tidy, your organisation is outstanding! I'm a BG fan too, but found that separating it from my other papers meant I wasn't using it it's all mixed in and I use it routinely for scrapping...really unblocked myself, weird huh!!

Emily said...

Gosh you're so organised!! Your dog is so cute! My friend has a horse called morse, and I'd never even thought that it rhymes with horse, lol. Have a lovely Easter weekend xx

Deanne Clarke-Saunders said...

I find that having BG separated, I use it MORE! It's the paper that I know more about and if I'm looking for a certain color combo, BG paper in my first paper I grab.

Deanne Clarke-Saunders said...

A real horse named Morse, how cool!

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Ha! April giving birth to Taj!!...and she's pregnant again!!!!!
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